Hulhu-Meedhoo detox center inaugurated

Inaugural ceremony of Hulhu-Meedhoo detox center

Addu City, Maldives – The drug treatment and community rehabilitation centre built in Hulhu-Meedhoo to treat persons with substance dependence was officially inaugurated on Sunday.

The centre was inaugurated by the External Affairs Minister of India Dr. Jaishankar and the Minister of Health of Maldives Ahmed Naseem, as well as the Foreign Minister of Maldives Abdullah Shahid.

The construction of the MVR 15 million project, which was co-funded by India and Maldives (MVR7.9 million by India and MVR 7.1 million by Maldives) was awarded to Rainbow Constructions, which commenced work on 12th December 2020 and concluded construction in November 2021.

The centre will employ 24 employees and is scheduled to commence treatment for 20 patients this coming week.

As per current legislations passed by the Parliament of Maldives, persons with substance dependence can receive treatment by local island health centres as well. This includes methadone and detox treatments.