Demand for water increases from islands as dry season peaks

Locally produced bottled water | Photo: Maldives Independent

Malé, Maldives – Bottled water companies are shuffling to meet the demand for water as the demand increases exponentially from the islands.

As the weather grows hotter at the peak of the northeast monsoon (dry season) before the onset of the southwest monsoon (wet season), the demand for water has reached an all-time high.

While islanders usually depend on stored rain and well water, the dry monsoon had led to a shortage resulting in dependence on bottled water.

With this, local bottled water manufacturer MWSC has limited the sale of water bottles in the capital to 5 cases for 5 litres bottles to corner shops in Malé. The limit is to be removed by tomorrow amid difficulties for the residents of Malé.

Local news Mihaaru reports that the company resolved a similar bottled water shortage issue last week within a day.

Another local manufacturer, Happy Market, stated that the demand always increases during this time of the year and the company limits bottled water sales for larger orders giving priority to small businesses and restaurants.

Energy provider, State Electric Company (STELCO), has also urged customers to conserve electricity due to the weather.

The convergence of the hottest month of the year with the holy month of Ramadan where both electricity and food are at an all-time high is resulting in unprecedented demand.