Taxi Driver Gasim’s Murder: Suspect’s DNA found on murder weapon

Murder suspect Adhuham Mohamed and victim Gasim Hassan | Photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – Forensic investigators on Wednesday stated that three people’s DNA was found on the knife found near the crime scene including murder suspect Adhuham Mohamed and victim Gasim Hassan.

At the Criminal Court hearing today, the forensic investigator said that Adhuham’s DNA was identified since he had a prior record in the police database.

In addition to the potential murder weapon, both person’s DNA was also found inside the taxi where driver Gasim was murdered. The murder weapon was found discarded in a ditch near the scene of the crime.

Police also presented video footage marking the movements of suspect Adhuham on the day of the murder.

The trial continues with three witness testimonies remaining.

Adhuham Mohamed was arrested for murder on 19 December 2019 following the discovery of the body of taxi driver Gasim Hassan (59) on a Hulhumalé road on 4 December 2019. Gasim Hassan was found near the central park with stab wounds on his head and hands and died just under an hour after he was found. His car was also found nearby after it crashed into a post on the side of the road.