Maldives health professionals protest for pay harmonization

Health professionals protest in front of Ministry of Finance | Photo: Twitter/MPHU

Malé, Maldives – The Maldives Health Professionals Union (MPHU) protested in front of the Ministry of Finance demanding a date for the implementation of a job structure for the health sector.

The union consisting of 150 members and representing over 600 health professionals have been lobbying for pay harmonization for four years.

Healthcare workers are retiring after working 15 years at the same level.

The Union stated that while the lobbying for a pay raise began in 2019 before the onset of Covid-19, their cause has not been included in the budget for the past three years. At present, the health sector has 23 levels with no promotions being granted for years.

MPHU is now planning consistent weekly protests seeking a harmonized salary structure. The union further plans to expand the protests to the islands.

Meanwhile, the government has announced plans to start primary healthcare on a national level before 26 July 2022.

Salary related protests are taking place across the country with university staff protesting seeking pay raises in the capital city while migrant workers protested for livable wages at Koodoo Fisheries Complex on Sunday.