New regulation grants Maldives Police Service the authority to sanction postmortems

Police during a drill in the capital city, Malé | Photo: Vnews

Malé, Maldives – The Government of Maldives, on Tuesday, gazetted the Procedure regarding conducting postmortem for death investigations (R-89/2022) authorizing the police to perform postmortem.

The regulation created under the Criminal Procedure Code (Act No. 12/2016) outlines the procedure to follow regarding postmortems in suspicious deaths.

Police are may authorize postmortems during six scenarios including loss of life due to,

  • accidents
  • suicide
  • suspected murder
  • negligence
  • natural disasters
  • unnatural causes

Postmortem must be conducted at a center licensed by the relevant authorities, in the Maldives and in foreign countries.