President establishes code of etiquette on use of the national flag

Aerial view of city square developed in Hithadhoo, Addu City | Photo: Dhivehi Archives

Male’, Maldives – The President’s Office has announced an official code of etiquette in using the national flag of the Maldives, today.
The new code has been instituted by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih for all government bodies to follow in respect of the use of the national flag for official purposes and while flying on premises.

The President’s Office instructs all government entities to exhibit reverence towards the flag in line with the newly established etiquettes, such as the use of new flags that are properly maintained, without wear and tear from aging, which is considered inappropriate and demeaning to the status of the national flag. This also follows the specific dimensions of the flags that will be used by government organizations for official functions.

The new standards also listed the government institutions that are mandatory to have the national flag hoisted within their premises at all times, and those that are required to have the flag hoisted from morning 0600 hours till evening 1800 hours only. It also specifies the rules for having the national flag raised beside any other flag, instructing on how the national flag must stand by any other flag.

Additionally, the new etiquettes also stated the guidelines on how to display the national flag flying on half-mast for suitable occasions. The current design of the national flag having red and green with a white crescent moon in the center was adopted on 25th July 1965, a day before the Independence of the Maldives, and was designed by Sultan Abdul Majeed Didi.