Bar exam postponed to November 2022

Male, Maldives – The Bar Council of the Maldives has postponed the dates of the bar examinations to November 2022.

The Council has delayed the exams by rescheduling the date to 19 November 2022, as opposed to this Saturday, 25 June 2022 as previously scheduled. The date was revised after a number of lawyers and law school graduates without licenses urged the council to postpone the exams.

Bar exams are a requirement for lawyers before they can practice their advocacy within the bar’s jurisdiction and are given a license of legal advocacy upon passing.

The Bar Council also announced that the candidates who have already been registered to take the exams on 25 June 2022 will not be required to reregister a second time. The council will also open for registration for those who have not registered yet. The dates of registration will be advised in the coming days.

The Legal Profession Act 2019 (“LPA”) introduced two essential requirements for becoming licensed to practice as a lawyer in the Maldives:

  • completion of a 1-year training programme (“Licensing Training”) under the supervision of a licensed lawyer;
  • passing a bar examination (“the Bar Exam”) administered by the Bar Council.

The Bar Council gazetted the Regulations regarding the issuance of legal practice licenses in 2019 under the Legal Profession Act 2019.