Police investigate vigilantism in Dhiffushi following child sexual abuse allegations

K. Dhiffushi, Maldives | Photo: The Press

Male’, Maldives – Maldives Police Service on Monday launched a probe into the mob assault of a man in K. Dhiffushi, alleged of sexually assaulting a minor.

Latest developments to the case,

  • Police are investigating the case of a police officer who allegedly attacked the accused, for acting outside the police protocol.
  • A 22 year old man was also arrested and remanded for 10 days for attacking the police during the incident.
  • The accused who is being treated in the ICU has released a video denying the claims of sexual assault.

On 14 July, a mob attacked a visitor from GA. Vilingili after a case was filed against him for sexually assaulting a 14 year old girl. Reports suggest that the family of five visited Dhiffushi for Eid Holidays as the father of the accused’s stepchildren was a Dhiffushi native.

The victim’s family and other islanders physically attacked the GA. Vilingili man resulting in major injuries to the brain, arms and face. The accused was beaten severely for three hours with the Dhiffushi Island Council seeking assistance from nearest Thulusdhoo Police Station.

Reports suggest that the attacks continued even after police arrival with the attackers removing clothes off the Vilingili native and attacking his private parts. The injured man stated that the attacks escalated after he refused to confess to assaulting the minor.

The man was transported to Male’ for treatment by police forces who arrived from the capital in Dhiffushi island after Dhiffushi Health Center allegedly refused treatment for the injured man.

Ministry of Gender and Family confirmed that the case of sexual assault of a minor was reported from Dhiffushi island. Gender team accompanied the police to provide psychological assistance and take the minor’s statement.