34,000 undocumented Bangladeshis to be regularised

Registration of undocumented workers in the Maldives | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Around 34,000 undocumented Bangladeshi nationals residing in the Maldives are in the pipeline to be regularised by the Maldivian government, revealed Bangladeshi High Commission today.

First Secretary (labour welfare wing) of the Bangladeshi High. Commission, Sohel Parvez, stated that the embassy has been providing different support services to the workers to speed up their documentation process, and that once regularised, the workers will receive legal and health insurance benefits as well as a means to remit money home through authorised banking channels.

We are providing them with required information and trying to hand them over passports sooner.

Sohel Parvez, First Secretary, Bangladesh High Commission in Maldives (Quote provided to thedailystar.net)

According reports by Bangladeshi news sources, the regularisation efforts are part of an amnesty programme in the Maldives.

In 2019, Maldives registered more than 45,000 undocumented Bangladeshi workers, out of which, 11,000 workers were provided with documents by May of 2022.