More than 5,000 jobs created from MTCC and RDC alone: Minister Ameer

Minister of Finance Ibrahim Ameer speaking at MDP congress | Photo: MDP

Malé, Maldives – Taking a hit at former President Abdullah Yameen’s claims about job opportunities created during his administration and the current administration, Finance Minister Ibrahim Ameer has said that Yameen’s claims were lies.

Speaking during the ongoing congress of ruling party, Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Minister Ameer reflected on Yameen’s speech from Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM)’s official presidential ticket hand over ceremony, where Yameen compared his and the current administration’s job opportunities, claiming that only 4,000 jobs were created during this administration, whereas 104,000 were created during his term.

Refuting these claims, Minister Ameer said that more than 4,000 jobs were created during the current administration’s four years from just MTCC and RDC alone. After his speech, Minister Ameer tweeted details backing his claims.

  • MTCC – 3,973
  • RDC and MTCC – around 5,200

“Lies and deceit should also be within a limit,” his tweet also read.

In his speech at the congress, he also talked about statistics from the job portal created by the current administration to aid in employability. He said that 39,297 individuals registered in the portal as job seekers and that 1,117 parties registered as employers.

Ameer then talked about how the current government amended the legal framework to ensure better allowances for employees through the revision of minimum wages and service charge allocation.

“About 13,000 employees in the tourism industry benefited from these changes,” he said.

Adding on, he estimated that 15,400 government employees and 5,100 employees of government owned companies received salary increments due to these changes.