Fertility treatment proposed to be included in Aasandha

MP of North Galolhu Constituency Meekail Ahmed Naseem | photo: Avas

Malé, Maldives – A decree has been put forward to the Parliament of Maldives, proposing the inclusion of fertility treatment within the universal health insurance scheme, Aasandha, of Maldives.

Parliamentary Member to South Galolhu constituency Meekail Ahmed Naseem proposed the bill, highlighting that currently Maldivians seeking treatment for infertility are facing various difficulties in getting required regular medications from the country.

“While several basic medications prescribed for infertility are not available under the universal health insurance scheme (Aasandha) of Maldives, and it is extremely difficult to consult fertility specialist in the Maldives, there is not even proper research of data available on this main issue,” the decree read.

As such Meekail called for a solution that also falls within the economical means of the country.

Defending his proposal, he also said that the purpose of this bill is not to ensure the entire process of having children via IVF is covered entirely by Aasandha for all.

“Infertility treatment is not only IVF. IVF is often the last step after multiple approaches to treatment,” Meekail said.

He offered examples such as various medication therapies and surgical procedures, highlighting that he supports partially covering the cost of IVF through Aasandha, much like several other countries do.

Meekail also called for special attention to be paid to causes of infertility and its treatments under Aasandha, such as PCOS and Endometriosis.

As debate continues on the bill, several members have spoken in support for the proposed amendment.