Will work with national task force combatting drug-related offences: President Solih

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih meets with council, WDC of M. Muli Island | Photo: President’s Office

Muli, Meemu Atoll – President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has assured M. Muli island that he would work with the national task force combatting drug-related offences to find ways to address the issue.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih told this during the meeting on Sunday with the members of the island council and Women’s Development Committee (WDC) of Muli Island in the Meemu Atoll.

The meeting was held at the Secretariat of the Meemu Atoll Council and featured extensive discussions about the most pressing issues facing the island community. Discussions at the meeting centred on addressing the prevalence of drug abuse on the island, one of the community’s most significant social issues. 

At the meeting, the council members said they deeply valued the President’s decision to consult with them about the administration’s developmental plans. They also thanked the President for his efforts to develop the island communities. It was the President’s first visit to the island, where he received a warm welcome.

The council members shared with the President the community’s most pressing needs, including renovating the harbour, improving healthcare services at the Muli Regional Hospital, addressing coastal erosion, and resolving space constraints and other challenges facing the island council.

The President also briefed the council members about the administration’s developmental plans. He said the administration would seek ways to expedite the renovation of the harbour and revealed that the Ministry of Health had commenced a survey on healthcare sector improvements.

Muli Island was the last stop on the President’s five-island tour of Meemu Atoll, which commenced on Saturday. A senior delegation from the government is accompanying him on this visit.

[Source: President’s Office]