Pictures of model houses of Maldives Floating City publicized

Model houses of the Maldives Floating City (MFC) project. | Photo: Riyaz

Maldives – Pictures of the first model homes of Maldives Floating City have been released to public.

In a tweet posted by Maldives Floating City director Ibrahim Riyaz, the first model buildings of the city were seen.

The project construction is being carried out by Bison Maldives who were awarded the project to build the first homes of Maldives Floating City earlier this year.

The Maldives Floating City being developed by global leader in floating developments, concepts and infrastructure Dutch Docklands employs cutting-edge technology from the Netherlands.

The 5,000 dwelling units will be connected and tied to the lagoon floor to provide a secure and comfortable environment. The dwellings are being built locally following the standards that are provided by the Dutch engineers.

The company had previously told that after Ramadan the first few residences will be completed, and the visitors will be able to take a tour of the first houses.

Ten minutes from the capital Male’ in North Male’ Atoll, the MFC project has been planned to be built in a 200 hector lagoon next to the Aarah island.

The project consists of 5,000 floating homes in the lagoon area, expecting the population to go up to 15,000 with mosques, schools and other necessary facilities being available in the floating city.

Two resorts and a yacht marina will also be established around the city to provide job opportunities.

These homes can be bought by any individual similarly as how houses are bought from the Hulhumale’ area along with housing finance facilities and mortgage options.

To make the city more livable and to create more job opportunities for the individuals who will be living in MFC, there will be a yacht marina, two resorts and other international resorts surrounding the area. 

Riyaz, who is working along with Dutch Docklands had previously told that the city will have no use of fossil fuel but instead will be fully run on renewable energy.

The Maldives Floating City is a private-public partnership between Dutch Docklands and the island government. Dutch Docklands’ founders are architect Koen Olthuis and developer Paul van de Camp and the project relies on floating technology from the Netherlands, which has a centuries-old engagement in designing architecture to withstand floods.