Maldives environment is unique and fragile: British HC Caron Rohsler

British High Commissioner to the Maldives Ms. Caron Röhsler | Photo: Ras

Addu City, Maldives – British High Commissioner to Maldives Karon Rosler has said that Maldives has a unique and fragile environment.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Olive Ridley Project’s Vaavoshi Festival held at Feydhoo School, she told the environment is an area of great interest to her and that she recently had the opportunity to go under the Maldivian seas with the recent Nekton Mission Maldives.

The High Commissioner also noted that a previously unknown ecosystem has been discovered during the mission.

HC Caron added that such places are being destroyed without knowing it and that no part of the world is immune from climate change. However, she said environmental work is one of the most important things anyone can do and the country needs people who think about the environment in all areas.

She also emphasized that Maldives already needs more people to work on the environment.

After the ceremony, the High Commissioner inspected the drawings drawn by the students in preparation for the festival.

The Olive Ridley Project is organizing the Vaavoshi Festival to raise awareness among school children about the conservation of turtle species.

In addition to Feydhoo School, the festival will be held in nine other areas of Maldives. The Olive Ridley Project aims to provide information to 3,000 students during the festival. During the festival, students will be taught various information about turtles and what can be done to protect their habitats.