Maafushi is not a prostitution hub: Council

Maafushi island is considered to be one of the most famous local islands for travelers with lots of activities and over 40 guesthouses. | Photo: Abdulla Nasheed

Maafushi, Maldives – Maafushi Council has refuted media reports claiming the island which reigns in local tourism in Maldives of being a hub for prostitution.

Following local media outlet “Mihaaru” newspapers reports on the island’s local tourism, in a statement issued yesterday, the council said it was irresponsible to describe Maafushi as a hub of prostitution.

The statement signed by council president Hassan Salah, vice-president Ali Shammoon and three other councilors said that if anyone thinks that people living in Maafushi and people of both sexes who come and go to the island are involved in prostitution, it is a shortcoming of those who imagine it that way. The statement also said the increase in drug cases in Maldives is not due to local tourism.

The statement noted that all relevant agencies should work in a manner appropriate to the environment in responding to the social problems that may arise from an island with an extremely high number of visitors. The only case reported so far in Maafushi is that a tourist was wearing a low-cut dress.

“Therefore, this council welcomes positive proposals, instead of criticizing the government for political reasons rather than for improvement,” the statement read.

The council said the people of Maafushi have proved to the world that tourism can be developed without alcohol and pork and that tourists also go to the island to see and enjoy the island life.

One of the first islands that became guesthouse-centric is the Kaafu atoll island of Maafushi which has since become widely recognized as the “Guesthouse Hub of the Maldives.” Maafushi is one of the leading islands practicing local tourism in the island nation with over 40 guest houses in operation now.