UK would soon give duty relief to Maldivian fish: Nasheed

Speaker of Parliament, Mohammed Nasheed. | Photo: Majlis

Malé, Maldives – Parliament Speaker Mohammed Nasheed has said that the duty on fish imports from Maldives to the UK will be cut within the next two months.

Nasheed tweeted last night stating that that his friends, some of the British government officials, had said yesterday that the duty on Maldivian fish imported from Maldives to the UK would be stopped within the next two months.

“This is good news. This is due to the great efforts of some British leaders who want the best for Maldives,” Nasheed said.

Currently, the duty on fish exported to Europe is 22 percent, significantly increasing the price of fish sold from the island nation to the European market.

Speaker Nasheed’s remarks on the duty on Maldivian fish imports to the UK comes while some government officials have already said Europe will also give relief to Maldivian fish products.

Speaking at a Fishermen’s Day function in Faresmathoda this month, Fisheries Minister Dr Hussain Rasheed Hassan said Maldives’s fish exports to the UK would soon get duty relief.