Nishama strangled to death: Police

Nishama Mohamed, who was found dead in Nolhivaram on December 10, 2022. | Photo: Facebook

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has revealed that Nishama Mohamed, who was found dead in Nolhivaram island on the 10th of this month, was killed by being strangled according to her post-mortem report.

Police said the post-mortem report showed that Nishama was killed by strangulation. No further details were revealed.

Nishama, 29, was found dead in her room and her body was sent to India for post-mortem on last Wednesday, 12 days after her death. Her body was brought back to Maldives yesterday and buried in Malé.

Her husband Abubakr Faisal who is accused of the murder, died on Monday while undergoing treatment after attempting suicide while in police custody. Police have assured that the investigation will continue even though Faisal has died.

Nishama’s family found out that she was dead when family members went to their house after neither of them answered when the family called Nishama and Faisal to delete the photos taken without her headscarf.

There were also rumors of Nishama being abused by her husband, and Faisal has a record of drug use and trafficking. His ex-wife divorced him because of drug abuse, according to official complaints.

Nishama and Faisal were married for years and have three children. The eldest is seven years old and the second is four years old. The youngest is in baby nursery and is two years old.