Yameen serving his sentence in his former VIP apartment: Corrections

Former President Abdulla Yameen being taken to Maafushi jail on December 25, 2022 to serve his sentence in the V. Aarah case. | Photo: Abdullah Riza

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Correctional Services has told today that Former President Abdullah Yameen is serving his sentence in the VIP apartment built for former presidents in Maafushi jail.

Former President Yameen was sentenced to 11 years in prison for accepting USD 1 million in bribes on the lease of V. Aarah and laundering the money. He is serving his sentence in Maafushi jail.

Corrections media officer Fathimath Yusreen told local media that Yameen is serving his sentence in a special protection unit.

According to Corrections, this is the same unit in which former President Yameen had served his sentence for laundering USD 1 million of the government funds through MMPRC by leasing GA. Vodamula.

“It’s a separate apartment for former presidents. It will have a room, a bathroom and a living room. You will have all the services given to prisoners. Being a former president, you will have separate security,” she said.

Special Protection Units are separate apartments that are built to a good standard. The place is made up of a room, a corridor and a backyard. The rooms have a bed, chair, cupboard, fridge and auto machine. The bathroom has hot and cold water.

A large number of politicians were arrested on various charges during the Yameen government and kept in ordinary cells for many days. The unit where Yameen is currently staying was later built to house politicians during his rule.

Former President Mohammed Nasheed, former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, Home Minister Imran Abdullah and former Defense Minister Colonel Mohammed Nazim also served their sentences there.