ADK Hospital introduces two hyperbaric chambers

Chief Medical Officer Dr Abdullah Niyaf (L) speaks at the inauguration of the Hyperbaric Treatment Unit at ADK. | Photo: ADK Hospital

Malé, Maldives – ADK Hospital has launched a Hyperbaric Treatment Unit with two chambers.

The hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Abdullah Niyaf said the deco chamber at ADK will be different from the chambers at resorts.

Although the resort’s chambers can treat four people at a time, the machine at ADK can treat only one person at a time.

Dr Niyaf said resorts face various difficulties in providing early treatment. However, he noted that the ADK hospital will be able to provide treatment in a proper manner and with the confidence of the people.

According to ADK Hospital, the 2 chambers will contribute to enhance the high safety standards for the Maldivian dive industry.

Dr Niyaf added that the chamber will also treat some diseases besides those who dive. He noted that people who have damaged a part of the body due to diabetes or other reasons and it takes a long time to heal can be treated in the chamber to dry the wounds quickly.

A high pressure oxygen machine has also been installed along with the unit. In addition, three doctors at the hospital have been trained in Singapore to provide the treatment. The hyperbaric treatment unit will also have a biomedical engineer and a doctor.

Speaking at the ceremony, Tourism Minister Dr Mausoom said Maldives is known as a safe place to dive and the deco chamber is very useful for the dive industry. He said having a chamber in the jurisdiction of the capital would be a satisfaction for everyone, especially with the growing demand for tourism.

Speaking on behalf of the divers, PADI Course Director and Dive Desk Managing Director Adam Ashraf said he worked very closely with the divers during the pandemic and the lack of an adequate treatment chamber is a very serious problem facing the sector.

He said the diving industry in Maldives is growing and such facilities should be established more. He noted that the establishment of such a facility in a hospital is also a step forward.