President Solih wins MDP presidential ticket!

President Solih's campaign closing ceremony in Hulhumalé, | Photo: Mohamed Shabin

Maldives – Maldivian Democratic Party’s presidential primary has been won by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The President contested the fiercely competitive primary against former President and Parliament Speaker Mohammed Nasheed.

He has now secured the MDP presidential ticket for this year’s presidential election.

Nasheed has accused some people of trying to rig the vote in today’s election. He also accused some of his representatives and supporters of being unjustly arrested.

Since the results were announced, the president has been holding on to 60 percent. With more than half the votes counted, the president is at 67 percent. With the votes cast in this election, it is very unlikely that the President will lose the remaining ballot boxes. 

According to the Election Commission, the MDP has 58,175 members. However, 57,255 people are eligible to vote in the MDP primary today. A total of 283 votes were cast in the primary.

About 30,000 people reportedly voted by the deadline.

This is the most competitive election in the life of the MDP. The MDP opened the opportunity for those interested in contesting the primary on December 18 last year. 

When the deadline expired, the President and MDP senior leader Ibrahim Mohammed Solih and MDP President and Parliament Speaker Mohammed Nasheed contested the election.