Minister Aslam to be based in Addu City to solve road development issues

Minister of Planning Mohamed Aslam | Photo: Parliament

Malé, Maldives – National Planning and Infrastructure Minister Mohammed Aslam has decided to move to Addu City for a while to oversee the ongoing projects.

Replying to a question by a member of Parliament, Minister Aslam said the people of Addu City are unhappy with the way the road construction project is being carried out.

There are many problems and difficulties people face as all the roads are dug at once to build the road, he said.

“I will move to Addu for a while to oversee and solve these issues,” Minister Aslam said.

The minister is scheduled to arrive in Addu City on Saturday. However, he did not say how long he would spend in the city.

From time to time, Minister Aslam has previously visited Addu to inspect the work of projects. Currently, two major projects related to the Planning Ministry are underway in the city. They are road construction and land reclamation.

While Minister Aslam will move to Addu for a while to inspect the works and resolve the issues encountered, there are three officials of the Planning Ministry who are based in Addu City. They are former Addu City Mayor Abdullah Sodiq, who is a state minister, former Deputy Mayor Mohammed Yasrif, who is a deputy minister, and Ibrahim Shiaz, who is an executive director.