List of alleged flats to senior officials is fake: Urbanco

Former HDC has rebranded to Urbanco | Photo: Urbanco

Urbanco has said that the list circulating on social media claiming that 34 flats will be given to its top officials is untrue.

A memo purporting to offer some flats from privately built mixed residential units in Hulhumalé for sale to Urbanco employees and a list of its board members, directors and managers were circulated on social media three days ago.

In a statement, Urbanco said some flats were opened for sale under the staff housing scheme last year and 34 units remained unsold when the bidders were given the opportunity.

According to Urbanco, their housing scheme has been opened for a year and there are many employees who have not been given the opportunity to apply for the scheme. More than 800 employees are currently eligible for the flats.

However, there is an invalid list circulating on social media that someone has prepared on their own, said Urbanco.

Such public relations activities will be conducted in accordance with the most transparent rules and regulations and such activities are regularly reviewed by the company’s internal audit, Urbanco said.