Beond apologizes for claiming national airline status

Beond flight rendering. | Photo: Beond

Beond has not been granted national airline status and has not had such consultations with any agency, the new luxury start-up airline has said.

The airline said in a statement that it apologized for the remarks made by Tero Naskila, CEO and co-founder of BeOnd, who is the former CEO of Estonian Air and the commercial director of Air Baltic in the CNN interview about Beond’s status as the national carrier.

Beond Airlines is aimed at providing the highest quality air transport services to the luxury tourism market.

The yet-to-be airline will be based in the Maldives’ Male International Airport (MLE) and will operate flights to nearby Asian destinations initially before expanding further.

One of the airline’s shareholders, UAE-based Arabex, is an investment company set up by aviation experts.

The press release said the company wants to work together with the government, tourism companies and other stakeholders to strengthen the economy and promote tourism.

The all-premium start-up carrier previously said it would operate to over 60 destinations, catering to the luxury travel sector. Its fleet target is to operate 16 aircraft configured for just 68 passengers each with full-flat beds in a 2-2 layout.

The airline will be a partnership with the Maldives-based multi-industry holding SIMDI Group and will also offer limousine services, premium check-in, and other amenities.