70,000 corals “relocated”

Drawing of what Hankede would look like when developed. | Photo: MFMC

Planning Ministry has announced they have successfully “relocated” 70,000 corals from the reefs of Addu City for their planned reclamation.

Government’s plan to solve Addu City’s land ‘problem’, 193.4 hectare is to be reclaimed. Several NGOs has raised concerns over Government’s disregard to severe damage to the environment from these projects. Government has assured public they will do everything possible to minimize the damage to the coral reefs and ecosystem.

Coral relocation program was also done to avoid destroying corals and causing ecocide. This project was completed by Van Oord, who were awarded the reclamation project in Addu City.

Government plans to make two islands for resort in addition to reclaiming to give land for public and private investors.