MDP PG to move no-confidence motion against President Nasheed

Former President of Maldives and Current Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed | Photo: Mihaaru

The MDP Parliamentary Group has passed a resolution to remove the MDP President and former President Mohammed Nasheed from the post of the Speaker of the Parliament.

The MDP Parliamentary Group passed to go ahead with a no-confidence motion against President Nasheed at its meeting today.

Signatures are now being collected to remove Nasheed from office.

This comes while MDP had raised its concerns over how Speaker Nasheed is running the parliament. MDP parliamentary group media coordinator, MP Mohammed Abdullah Shafeeq expressed MDP’s concerns over the behaviour of President Nasheed to local media at a press conference held yesterday at the parliament building.

Answering the question, MP Shafeeq said the Speaker was also the President of MDP and that he may not be removed from office suddenly, but the MDP parliamentary group leader, Hithadhoo North MP Mohammed Aslam, is thinking deeply about the matter as such incidents are repeated.

“We have respect for him as the party president. We are trying to find a solution by talking to him. That is the only reason,” Shafeeq said.

Recently, members supporting President Nasheed have left the MDP and started working to form a separate political party. 

MDP parliamentary group has filed a motion to remove the vice-speaker of parliament, Eva Abdullah, from her post after she left the party.