President Solih has no role in foreign policy: MP Ali Hussain

Member of Parliament for Kendhoo Constituency Ali Hussain. | Photo: Mihaaru

There is no role for the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih in the current foreign policy of the government, and the foreign policy of the country is very weak, said the MP for Kendhoo, Ali Hussain.

Speaking at a rally held by Jumhoory Party, MP Ali Hussain said that the government is weak because the President has no role in setting foreign policy.

“The president has sent the foreign minister to sail the ship for a year. The foreign minister decides with whom this country will establish relations. We did not support Maldives and sever ties with Iran,” Ali said.

“Who tweeted that Maldives and Iran should re-establish relations? The Foreign Minister. It is not about the President. The President did not even know,” he said.

“When it comes to the economy, the president doesn’t even know what’s going on,” Ali said.

He also added that if Maldives wants to remain an independent country, the region must also be protected. Although this country is a small country, there is no other country in the region with such a GDP and such a tourism industry, he said.

Therefore, the big countries are looking at Maldives and we should not conclude that Maldives is safe from them, he said. They are already planning to set foot in Maldives even if they get a small opportunity, he said.