High Court Schedules Yameen’s hearing for Wednesday

Opposition leader, former President Yameen meets with party members at the PPM internal election venue. | Photo: Mohammed Hayyan

High Court has scheduled former President Abdulla Yameen’s hearing for Wednesday, court announced.

Yameen’s team has appealed Criminal Court’s ruling which sentenced the Former President to 11 years in Jail for money laundering and bribery charges along with close ally, for MP Yoosuf Naeem.

Yameen has requested to fast-track the legal process claiming the charges were false and he is indeed innocent on all counts. He has also advised PPM leadership not to ‘give away’ his rightful presidential ticket.

However, the deadline for applying to compete in the Presidential election is 3rd August. While Yameen is currently convicted, he will be unable to compete as convicted felons are prohibited in competing according to the constitution.

Opposition has raised serious concerns about the trial, suspecting the Judges are deliberately delaying the process trying to block Yameen from competing in the elections for orders of the Government.

Criminal Court has scheduled more hearings for another similar case, regarding the sale of R. Fuhgiri. Prosecutor General’s office has submitted a case against Yameen charging him for money laundering and accepting bribes of USD 1.1 million.

Five years ago, Yameen was convicted for similar charges in GA. Vodamulla case, which was overturned in the Supreme Court after appeals. Yameen’s team believes the current conviction will be thrown out in a similar way.