BeOnd airline runs first test flight to Gan International Airport

MALDIVES – BeOnd, the first luxury airline in the world, has run its first test flight today to Gan International Airport.

The airline, which is being operated by the Maldivian company Simdi Group and UAE based company Arabex completed the successful test flight at 3 p.m. today. This test flight route was from Malé to Addu at took approximately one hour. The aircraft returned back to Malé at 4 p.m.

Although the test flight was operated between Malé and Addu, BeOnd is not reported to be planning to operate domestic routes.

The aircraft, an A319 airbus, was brought to the Maldives just last Friday, directly from Dubai.

In addition to the test flights, the airline is also preparing for the commencement of its official flights. As such, the airline’s office was opened in Malé last July, and the recruitment process is currently underway.

It is reported that BeOnd aims to operate to 60 destinations across the globe, including Paris, Vienna, Dubai, Milan, HongKong, and Singapore.