This parliament needs a principal: Speaker Nasheed

Former president of Maldives and Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed stated that the parliament is in need of a principal, such that of a school, in today’s session.

“It is a pleasure to have the Minister of Education here at the Parliament with us, at a time where we are in desperate need of a principal.” said the Speaker, addressing the Minister of Education Dr. Aishath Ali, who was summoned to the Parliament today.

The minister was summoned upon the request of the MP of Dhaandhoo constituency, who questioned the minister with regards to the schools, education system and the wages of teachers in the country.

Minister, Dr. Aishath Ali stated that increasing the wage of teachers was a campaign pledge during the presidential election of this administration and that she has no reservations in believing that it would happen.

She further commented saying that she feels that the current budgeted amount for the education sector is deficient and that the government has great plans in improving the education system in Maldives.