Those who mock this administration need to be sacked: MP Rozaina

Addu Meedhoo MP, Rozaina Adam has publicly stated that those who mock this government and are careless at work need to be sacked.

The MP tweeted Monday afternoon in response to comments which say that people are losing their jobs since the new administration came to power, on a news article by “Mihaaru”, saying that none of her constituents who do their jobs right have been sacked.

“Some people have written that people are losing their jobs, in the comment section of this news. No one who does their job right has been sacked from my constituency. Those who mock the government and are careless at work need to be sacked. That is justice.” her tweet said.

While the opposition is accusing Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s administration of letting employees go, it is noteworthy that during Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s regime, a lot of people had been employed at various government related companies for political gain, while many were also fired or relocated unfairly.

The current government has stated that it is looking into the matter of unlawful dismissal of employees which have taken place during the previous presidential term.