Jabir calls to abolish Islamic Ministry

photo: majilis

Member of Parliament for Kaashidhoo constituency has called to abolish the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Maldives.

He justified the statement he made during Tuesday’s parliamentary discussion by taking Saudi Arabia as an example. He question the need for an Islamic Ministry in the Maldives while even Saudi does not have one.

“Offload the Islamic Ministry this instant! Abolish it immediately!” Jabir said.

He went on to explain his stance by saying that Maldives does not need a minister to show the Islamic way of life while the Quran and examples set by Prophet Mohammad (saw) are directions enough.

He also took the platform to voice his concerns over the fact that Islamic Ministry is always presided by a member of Adhaalath Party.

” I want to know why Islamic Ministry has been sold off to Adhaalath Party. Why not an MDP member? Why not a DRP member? This is a joke!” Jabir went on.

He stated that Salaf organization also needs to be abolished and that the defense force needs to go out and arrest those who are actively involved in terrorist related activities or those who are suspected of partaking in such activity.