MP Close to Yameen returns back to his side

photo: mihaaru news

Member for Faresmaathoda constituency, Mr. Hussain Mohamed Latheef rejoins opposition PPM.

MP Hussain(Sembe) worked closely with President Yameen during his tenure in party leadership, however, immediately after Yameen lost the presidential election, Sembe left PPM and joined coalition party JP. But he ran for seat back in April as an independent member and won.

Sembe re-joined the party last night and gave Yameen a surprise at the rally held by PPM. He was welcomed back by party leadership as well as President Yameen himself. Along with Sembe, former MP for Dhaandhoo, Mr. Assadh also returned back to PPM after his short arrival at JP.

A good majority of PPM leadership left ship and signed for JP after Yameen’s defeat. The former President said he’s not worried and he is confident they will return.