2 MNDF officers accused of raping a child

It has been revealed that two officers of Maldives National Defense Force have raped a 15 year old child. Further it has also been revealed that the case has not been investigated by relevant authorities for more than six months.

This was revealed in the Human Rights and Gender Committee meeting of the Parliament held last night in relation to a two year old child being raped by three of her family members. Speaking in the meeting, Parliament Member of Addu Meedhoo constituency, Rozaina Adam stated that the mother of the 15 year old child had reported the case to the Police, however no progress has been seen with regards to the case. Rozaina stated that she herself went to the Police Station to inquire about an update on the case, but did not receive any information.

The MP raised concerns over the fact that the officers are still on active duty despite knowing the perpetrators and having have allegations against them.