Cambridge May/June exams cancelled amid Covid-19 outbreak

Photo: The National

Cambridge University has cancelled all May/June exams held by the university for schools and institutions across the globe, amidst the fast spreading Covid-19.

The university stated that due to the worldwide outbreak of the pandemic, it has decided to cancel all IGCSE, Cambridge O level, Cambridge International AS level and Cambridge AICE diploma exams scheduled for May and June of 2020.

This decision is likely to have little impact on the students of Maldives as all students government schools of the country attempt the O level exams during October and November while A level exams are that of Edexcel. However, some private schools do take on the May/June version of the exam.

The Education Ministry of Maldives revealed that discussions are ongoing with Cambridge University and the ministry with regards to the matter as there would be some students who would be affected by the cancellation, and that a final decision would be announced as soon as one has been made.

Cambridge University stated that it is of highest priority that the safety of students and educators are ensured  along with enabling equal learning opportunities at all times. The university stressed that it is aware that students have put in great effort into preparing for the exam and that it would do everything in it’s power to ensure appropriate grading of all students based on available data.

While this is so, it is unknown how the current state of health of the globe would affect other upcoming exams.