Only 74 students participate in teacher based assessments

A teacher checking the temperature of a student at the gate of Centre for Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Ministry of Education stated that 74 students participated in the teacher based assessments that were decided to be given after Edexcel A level exams were canceled on April this year.

Some papers were leaked in the April/May A level exams this year, which resulted in the cancellation of the exams in Maldives. While most students opted for doing exams on October/November, few wanted to do finish the exams in April, which resulted in giving them teacher based assessments.

Ministry of Education noted that 74 students from 14 schools will be doing the exams until June 8th. The other 2747 A level students will be doing the exams on October/November of this year.

Ministry of Education added that the teacher based assessments will be of the same criteria and level as Edexcel exams, and that the results will also be given as Edexcel Grade Certificates.

Those who are doing A2 levels this year will have completed three years in highschool, which actually should have been two years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the students have faced a lot of problems with their studies and exams.