Internet prices to be lowered from April 1st

Photo: Mihaaru

Maldives announced that the country would be slashing internet prices in light of the global spread of the coronavirus.

The spokesperson for the Covid-19 task force of Maldives, Mabrouq Azeez announced on Monday night that all discussions with the government, telecom authority and telcom companies have come to a conclusion and that the new changes would come into effect from the 1st of April.

While Mabrouq did not reveal what the new prices would be, he did state that the telecom companies are expected to announce the lowered prices some time Tuesday.

This also comes after the MP of Galolhu Dhekunu constituency Meekail Ahmed Naseem, requested the telecom authority to be summoned to the Parliament for not slashing the prices of internet services in the country.

Maldivian internet prices are one of the highest in the whole of South Asia, and it was a presidential campaign pledge of the current president of Maldives, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih to reduce internet prices, however, the a year and four months after swearing in as president, it has not been done so.