Maldives controls prices of eggs, onions and potatoes

photo: avas

The government of Maldives has announced an impose on price control of eggs, onions, yellow lentils and potatoes. This price control is being brought to effect due to the declining economic stability of the country as a direct result of measures taken against Covid-19.

Ministry of Economics of the country announced that the highest rate at which onions and potatoes can be sold is at MVR 20, yellow lentils below MVR 45, and eggs no expensive than MVR 1.80.

The ministry also announced a fine to be imposed on any business which violates the government set prices with the first offense being punishable by a fine of MVR 100,000. Repeat violations would result in a fine no higher than MVR 100,000 and a six month ban on the running of the business.

This control comes at a time when the prices of these items are increasing the Maldivian market, while the government urges locals to take on a wider agricultural role in order to ensure food security of the country.