Movement restriction lifted from 15 resorts and 9 safaris

The government of Maldives has lifted the temporary travel restrictions placed on 15 resorts and 9 safaris, on Sunday.

In a press conference held on Sunday night, spokesperson for the national Covid-19 response task force, Mabrouq Azeez revealed that the travel restrictions of the resorts and safaris were lifted, being a first for the country since the lockdown of the facilities due to Covid-19.

While the initial lockdown for tourist facilities was indefinite, with the temporary ban on tourist arrivals in the country, Health Protection Agency (HPA) has amended regulations to allow movement of resort employees 14 days after the departure of the last tourists.

However, this exemption comes with the condition that no positive cases of Covid-19 nor symptomatic individuals are present in the facility.

The government is yet to provide details on the facilities from which the travel restrictions were removed from.