Maldives celebrates arrival of 32,000 tourists in November

Post lockdown tourist arrivals in Maldives | Photo: Avas

Male’, Maldives – Maldives has welcomed more than 32,000 tourists during the month of November alone, inching towards the 80,000 goal, standing at 72,623 arrivals since the border opening.

According to the latest statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism, a total of 32,241 tourists arrives to the country during November, with Russia being the top market for arrivals accounting for 16,285 tourists. This is 22.4 percent of the total arrivals since border opening.

Following behind is India with 8,690 tourists while 5,312 Brits also arrives to the country. America, UAE, Germany and Ukraine also were noted as top markets.

With this, the total number of tourist arrivals into the country since January of this year stands at 455,470, out of which, 382,760 tourists arrived before the Covid-19 virus reached the Maldives.

Looking at the airlines, a total of 15 airlines including Maldivian and Fly Me, carried tourists to and from the country, with Emirates being the airline which brought in the most number of tourists.

Tourism Ministry has also established a tourism help desk at Velana International Airport’s arrival terminal. The purpose of this help desk is to provide information and assistance to the tourists who visit Maldives during this time. 

Ministry highlighted that through this counter, all information on Health Protection Agency (HPA) and Tourism Ministry’s rules and regulations set amid the Covid-19 would be available. In addition to this the counter would also facilitate in assisting tourists to solve any issues which might arise between them and resorts, guest houses and safaris. 

Ministry also stated that as the airport was the first entry point to the country which is heavily dependent on tourism, and that by having a help desk at the arrival terminal would allow tourists to solve any issues which might arise and give them a warm welcome to the country. According to the ministry, the help desk would also increase the safety of the tourists more than now.

The Desk will be open for flight operational hours and travelers and operators who need assistance may call +960 9423131 to get their assistance.

After the borders have opened, Tourism Ministry has been proactively doing various activities and taking measures to promote tourism in the country including promotional events and high safety standards in the tourism sector to prevent spreading of Covid-19 virus in the resorts and other tourist facilities. 

Maldives also got certified as a “Safe Travel” destination which is safe for tourists to travel to in September. This stamp is provided to countries which are the safest with regards to Covid-19.

Only a negative PCR test not exceeding 96 hours is necessary to enter Maldives, and travelers of every nationality are offered a free tourist visa of 30 days on arrival. Split stays among exclusive tourist resorts, guesthouses on local islands and safaris.