Goods worth MVR 75,000 stolen from Biz Mobile

Goods worth MVR 75,000 have been stolen from a local electronics shop, Biz Mobile, in Male’ between the 23rd and 30th of Maldives, by breaking into the store.

Maldives Police Service revealed that out of the stolen goods, roughly about MVR 62,000 worth of merchandise has been recovered and returned to the owners, while officers are still working on recovering the remaining goods.

So far, two have been arrested in connection with the robbery, one being a 36 year old male arrested on the 30th of March and the other being a 39 year old male arrested on the 31st of March.

Police also reported that the 39 year old arrested, was an individual released by Maldives Correctional Services (MCS) for treatment purposes and that he has now been handed over to MCS as it has been deemed that the opportunity was not utilized appropriately by him.

Police are further investigating the matter.