MVR 60,000 stolen via BML phone call scam

Stacks of Maldivian Rufiyaa | Photo: Mihaaru

Malé, Maldives – Maldives Police Service has arrested a 34 year old local for the scamming over MVR 60,000, calling in the name of Bank of Maldives (BML).

Maldives Police Service informs that the 34 year old man was arrested last Wednesday. The Court has remanded him for a period of 15 days during which the investigation will continue.

However, the police has not yet revealed any details regarding the identity of the person.

While Maldives Police Service arrested a local for scamming in the name of Bank of Maldives, such scams are quite frequent in Maldives and still has not being resolved. Locals are being scammed in the name of major companies such a Bank of Maldives and Dhiraagu asking for their personal information. However, these companies advise the public to be cautious of such calls and that the company will never call a customer asking for their personal information.