Madagascar Minister fired over $2 million lollipop order

Photo: BBC news

Madagascar, East Africa – The Education Minister of Madagascar fired for attempting to order $2 Million worth of lollipops for the school children.

Education Minister, Rijasoa Andriamanana has been fired from her position for attempting to purchase lollipops for $2 Million.

The minister has stated that she wanted to buy 3 lollipops for each pupil to mask the “bitter” aftertaste of an untested natural herbal remedy for coronavirus promoted by the President Andry Rajoelina as a cure for the virus despite the warning of World Health Organization (WHO) that no proven cure for Covid-19 exists up to date.

The National Medical Academy of Madagascar also has solid doubt about the efficacy of mostly Artemis-based drink, stating that it has the potential to break the well beings of individuals.

However, President Rajoelina dismissed the criticism towards the herbal tonic saying it is the evidence of the West’s condescending attitude towards Africa.

Madagascar has confirmed 1,075 cases up to date. While 212 people have recovered from the virus, 9 have passed away.