Bodybuilders of India protest to reopen gyms

Punjab, India – After the government eased the nationwide lock down in India, the bodybuilders protested against the government to let the gyms reopen as well.

The government let the nation of 1.3 billion people to reopen the shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and the places of worship on Monday.

However as they banned the reopening of the fitness centers, the owners and instructors of northern Punjab state has protested against the government urging them to reopen the fitness centers.

The president of Gym Owners Association in Amritsar, Dharminder Verma told AFP on Sunday that the gyms have been running on losses for the last three months and that there is no clarity when the government is planning to reopen the gyms.

Even though the gyms have been running on loss, Verma disclosed that the rent and pay of their employees have been given completely.

The government of India eased the nation lock down while new cases of Covid-19 have still been rising on a daily basis. Up to date, India has confirmed more than 257,000 cases. While 124,000 people have recovered from the virus, 7,487 have passed away.