George W. Bush refuses to vote for Trump in 2020s election

Washington D.C, United States of America – Former president George W. Bush and several other prominent members including Colin Powell and Senator Mitt Romney of the Republican Party have refused to vote for Trump in his reelection on November 2020.

Former Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell told CNN when asked why it was so important to him that Trump does not get reelected, Powell stated that he would not use this word with the four presidents he’s served before but, President Trump has not been an effective president and that he lies “all the time”.

Bush and Powell have always been against some of the actions of Trump. Including his decision to threaten to end the protests with military. He let the police legally tear gas and shoot at people to stop the George Floyd protests.

The senator of Trump’s Republican Party, Mitt Romney has also disclosed that he would not be voting to reelect Trump in the elections on November 2020.

Many Americans were already dissatisfied by the actions of Trump towards the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic when it started spreading in their country, and now the behavior of Trump and the actions he has been taking to stop the protest against racism has lowered the respect Americans have for their president.

The incapability of Trump to maintain his vows he made before he was first elected as president of the United States to make America great again has defamed America and has lost the trust of many people in America.