Maldives will not quarantine tourists starting July

Photo: The Business Report

Male’ Maldives – Tourists coming into the Maldives will not be required to be quarantined, when the borders open up in July.

This was revealed in a video published by the official social media accounts of the Ministry of Tourism of the country.

The video featuring football players of a Brazilian team, revealed that all tourists coming into the country would receive on arrival visa, without any other additional requirements. Furthermore, the tourists will not be subjected to any quarantine period, nor will they have to bear any additional fees or costs.

The video also highlighted that better holiday packages would be available in the country with the re-opening.

This is the second promotional video of Maldives published by the ministry, with the former being published two days ago.

The first video featured the Minister of Tourism of Maldives Ali Waheed himself, which showed him working on an isolated sand bank before he grabbed his bag and ran toward the end of the sand bank his dinghy was harbored. The video ended as he sped off into the horison.

The government has adopted the slogan, “The sun will shine again in the Maldives” as a promotional tool for when the country re-opens and the words were reiterated in both videos.