Canareef Resort Maldives closes for 2 years.

Addu City, Maldives – The Canareef resort located in Addu City is decided to close down for two years.

The General Manager of the resort disclosed this decision to the Managers of all departments in the resort. The resort will be closed from 15th June onward for two years.

He also stated that the resort has been running on loss and that they have not received the help required from the government for the resort. Furthermore, he revealed that due to the circumstance, the resort will not be able to provide proper service at the moment. Hence, they made the decision to temporarily close the resort for two years.

Canareef Resort was being used as a Quarantine facility in Addu City regarding the ongoing pandemic Covid-19.

Canareef resort also previously known as the Herathera resort was managed by the Maldives Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). However, the organization sold the resort on 2014 for 33.33 million dollars -MVR 513 million-

The resort is now managed together by a Maldivian Organization and a Singapore Organization known as Crescendas Hospitality Management Pvt Ltd.

The Canareef Resort has the record of the longest resort up to date in Maldives with a length of approximately 4.5 kilometres.