Brazil confirms 50,000 positive cases in 24 hours

Brasilia, Brazil — The Ministry of Health of Brazil confirms 50,000 positive cases in the past 24 hours alone.

According to the Ministry of Health of Brazil, on June 19 alone, 54,771 people have been confirmed for the virus and 1,206 people have passed away. Up to date, this is the most number of confirmed cases recorded per day in Brazil.

Counting these cases, Brazil passed 1 million coronavirus cases on Friday and approached 50,000 deaths.

The Heath Ministry reported that the country has seen over 1,200 death per day from Covid-19 for three days in a row.

Official data also showed that 482,102 people in Brazil have recovered since the outbreak.

Brazil now has the second most highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases after the United States.

According to the  Johns Hopkins tracker, over 8.6 million cases have been reported to be confirmed for the virus throughout the world, with more than 460,000 deaths.