Covid-19: Over 12 million confirmed cases worldwide

Photo: Getty Images

According to the latest statistics, over 12,630,872 cases have been confirmed positive for the virus Covid-19 worldwide.

Among the confirmed cases worldwide, statistics show that while a total of 7,366,488 people have completely recovered from the virus, 562,888 people have passed away from the virus up to date.

Covid-19 was at first found in Wuhan, China on December of 2019. It has ever since spread throughout the world and has caused over 500,000 deaths. Even though China has controlled the amount of the virus spreading, a second wave of virus hit the capital of China, Beijing, recently and has caused the city to lockdown again.

Currently, the United States is most affected by the pandemic, followed by Brazil and India. India surpassed Russia and became the third most affected country with a total of 820,916 Covid-19 cases.

Almost half of the confirmed cases worldwide are from America with more than 68,000 positive cases over a day. While the country has up to date confirmed a total of 3, 291,786 Covid-19 cases, 1,460,495 cases have fully recovered from the virus. The United States of America has confirmed 136,671 Covid-19 related deaths.

While Brazil has confirmed 1,804,338 positive cases up to date, the president of Brazil had confirmed for the virus as well. While 1,213,512 confirmed cases have fully recovered from the virus, 70,524 people have passed away in Brazil due to Covid-19.

The third most affected country is the neighboring country of Maldives, India having 822,603 confirmed cases, surpassing Russia with 713,936 confirmed cases. While 515,000 people have completely recovered from the virus, 22,598 people have passed away due to Covid-19 in India.

While Spain, Peru and Chile has over 300,000 confirmed Covid-19 cases, Iran, Mexico, United Kingdom, South Africa, Pakistan, Italy and Saudi Arabia and Turkey has confirmed over 200,000 confirmed cases.