Vilu Reef to be disinfected after 3 months of quarantine

Ocean Agency Maldives

South Nilandhe Atoll, Maldives – The Sun Aqua Vilu Reef of Sun Siyam used as a quarantine facility regarding the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is being disinfected and cleaned as quarantining is over in that resort.

The resident manager of Sun Aqua Vilu Reef, Ahmed Rifaau told local news outlet “Sun” today, that the resort has been a quarantine facility since April 23 and the people remaining in quarantine are the last people to be there and that they will be sent home today.

“The resort has been a quarantine facility since April 23 and today is the last day of being a quarantine facility for this resort” stated Rifaau.

Rifaau also mentioned that the “resort cleaning day” is celebrated along with the police officers that took part in managing the quarantine facility as well. Therefore they had started the work of cleaning the beach area and inside the resort yesterday itself.

“The island has not been cleaned properly as it was previously used to, since it was made into a quarantine facility. But we have started cleaning the beach and the island overall along with the trees” He revealed.

Rifaau commented on how the MNDF managed the situation when the resort was used as a quarantine facility saying MNDF was active 24/7 working on handling the situation well.

“I have spent 26 years in this field. This is the first time I have dealt with such difficult situations. It was indeed a unique experience for me.” He said about how the resort had to be managed as a quarantine facility.