15,000 positive cases in India today.

Photo: AFP

New Delhi, India – India reported that only today, a record amount Covid-19 were confirmed in India.

While the virus keeps continuously spreading in India, today alone, a total of 15,413 positive cases have been reported.

Therefore, the total number of Covid-19 cases in India has now risen to 410,461. India now stands fourth in among countries with most number of confirmed cases globally, below Russia, Brazil and America.

Along with the new record of confirmed cases, India has reported additional 306 deaths. With this, a total of 13,254 people have passed away from the virus in India.

However, health experts say that the exact numbers would be higher than that of what is reported given that the number of samples taken are limited along with the delays in reporting the amount of confirmed cases.

60 percent of the total amount of cases are from the capital of India, New Delhi, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra.

The prime minister of India, Narendra Modi advised the citizens to practice exercises more, such as yoga and to do more activities that will make the respiratory and immune system of the body stronger.

If we are able to make our immune systems stronger, it’ll be a great success towards escaping the Covid-19 virus.”, Modi stated.